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"It's Time For Travel To Focus On RSS — Here's Why"

It is the title of one of the two studies published by Forrester, independent technology and market research company, who confirmed the potential of the RSS in travel industry :

"RSS — Really Simple Syndication — offers travel companies a new B2C and B2B communications platform. To use RSS efficiently, it's important to first understand the basics of this versatile, open-standards-based technology. Travel firms should care about RSS because it can help them deliver relevant content to users, provide spam-free communications, and reach the next generation of travelers — the earliest adopters of RSS". More information.

The second research is named :"Three RSS Applications Travel Can Put To Use" and the excutive summary is the following :

"RSS gives travel companies a variety of nuanced ways to deliver content to consumers, business partners, and employees. Not every application of RSS will revolutionize travel, but its ability to support personalized travel search, super-empower travel agents, and facilitate more intimate customer service will make it relevant to the industry. Travel companies must embark on the road to smart RSS strategies now, with the caveat that, in the near term, it's more important to test and learn about RSS than to create a fixed strategy for its use." More information.

The author of these 2 studies is Henry H. Harteveldt.

N.B :

-the discussion around RSS are very interesting on Forrester blog !

-and if you want to learn more about RSS, we invite you to consult a Morgan Stanley's report on that subject.

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